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This Blue Sign Completely Changed my life. I have been many things in my lifetime. I have been sad miserable, lost and Alone. I was raised as a foster child my whole life in and out of foster homes and Group homes. My parents lost parental rights of me and I didn’t return home until right around 17. Dropped out of High-School as a freshman after getting kicked out of almost all South Jersey High schools. Battled with Alcohol and drug addiction for years. Battled depression and anxiety as well. I have even attempted to take my own life. Fast forward to now I am the Top Problem Solver at Madison Honda. I have been Sober for 2 Years and Counting I have a beautiful wife and 2 Beautiful children. Life has begun to give me so many blessings. I have a ton of friends and am no longer alone. I have mentors that show me the ropes in business and push me to work as hard as I possibly can. Most importantly I have a higher power in my life now and I am Happy. Life is going to throw you all types of curve balls and all types of situations. You could choose to give up. You could take the easy way out. Although I wouldn’t recommend it. Literally 6 Months of hard work and dedication could set you up for life. Moral of the story NEVER GIVE UP GOD GIVES THE HARDEST BATTLES TO HIS STRONGEST SOLDIERS!!! YOU CAN TURN YOUR PROBLEMS INTO MISERY OR YOU CAN FIGHT BACK AND TURN THEM INTO POWER.